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TCH12TA Bus air conditioner
TCH12TA Bus air conditioner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat
Model Number: TCH12TA
Size: 4160*1830*180mm
Type: 120,000 BTU bus air conditioner
Car Make: 11m~12m bus
Applicable for: 11m to 12m bus
Cooling capacity: 34800w
Coolant: R134a
Evaporator capacity: 6400m m3/h
Condenser capacity: 12000m m3/h
Inside style bus air conditoner
Inside style bus air conditoner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat
Model Number: TC45N2
Size: 2034X740X1161MM
Type: Inside style bus air conditioner for double deck bus
Car Make: 12~14m double deck bus
Cooling capacity: 52kw
Compressor capacity: 970cc
Evaporator capacity: 10800m3/h
Refrigeration Capacity: 13200m3/h
Applicable for: 12~14m double deck bus
Electric bus air conditoner
Electric bus air conditoner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat Model Number: TCD06GZ
Type: Electric bus air conditioner
Car Make:7m bus
Collant: R407C
Evaporator Capacity:3600m3/h
Condenser Capacity: 4800m3/h

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2015 Spring Canton Fair

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During the exhibition, Taichang Bus Air Conditioner Co., Ltd will participate and new energy all-electric bus air conditioners will be launched as our main exhibits.


With the new energy bus technology development, the research of new bus air-conditioning system is following up. On the one side, bus air-conditioning system need to maintain comfortable body air environment; on the other side, air-conditioning system should play an irreplaceable role in energy-saving and environment protection. As the compressor with new energy, AC/DC variable frequency hermetic scroll compressor technology has been adopted in practical use.

After years of unremitting efforts devoted to research on the commonalities and key technologies of new energy bus air conditioning system, learning lessons from Zhongyuan University of Technology who is a standing director of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Committee on automotive air conditioning, Taichang Bus Air Conditioner Co., Ltd has achieved remarkable performance and success in the area of bus air conditioners and bus air conditioners parts, especially all-electric air conditioner whose system is purely driven by electricity can apply for all-electric buses, tram, trolley buses with 6~18 meters length. 
All-electric bus air conditioners produced by Taichang  have been tested the temperature field distribution of each components in order to ensure precisely matching. The techniques of Taichang ’s pure electric bus air conditioners are much more advanced than domestic and international rivals in this field with more energy-saving, comfortable and environmental friendly which have been verified in vehicle test. On the Canton fair 2015 exhibition, professional engineers will attend site and introduce all-electric bus air conditioners for exhibitions, If you want to preview more information about the new energy bus air conditioning system, please contact us.
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