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TCH12TA Bus air conditioner
TCH12TA Bus air conditioner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat
Model Number: TCH12TA
Size: 4160*1830*180mm
Type: 120,000 BTU bus air conditioner
Car Make: 11m~12m bus
Applicable for: 11m to 12m bus
Cooling capacity: 34800w
Coolant: R134a
Evaporator capacity: 6400m m3/h
Condenser capacity: 12000m m3/h
Electric bus air conditoner
Electric bus air conditoner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat Model Number: TCD06GZ
Type: Electric bus air conditioner
Car Make:7m bus
Collant: R407C
Evaporator Capacity:3600m3/h
Condenser Capacity: 4800m3/h
Inside style bus air conditoner
Inside style bus air conditoner
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Opat
Model Number: TC45N2
Size: 2034X740X1161MM
Type: Inside style bus air conditioner for double deck bus
Car Make: 12~14m double deck bus
Cooling capacity: 52kw
Compressor capacity: 970cc
Evaporator capacity: 10800m3/h
Refrigeration Capacity: 13200m3/h
Applicable for: 12~14m double deck bus

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2012 Spring Canton Fair

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During exhibition, Taichang Bus Air Conditioner Co., Ltd will launch updated technologies of high quality electric bus air conditioning system, bus air conditioner parts .

“New Opportunities and Challenges in Bus Industry due to New-energy Technology” is the theme of the exhibition this year. Excellent products stem from advanced design and manufacturing. Extensive observation to get the best and spurt with deeply accumulation, by closely relying on specialized bus air-conditioning performance experiment center, Guchen Industry always focuses on the latest trend of electric bus air conditioners and cold chain transport refrigeration units with energy saving, environmental friendly and durability of technology development. Different kinds of new-energy and environmental friendly technologies and products will have their showcase during the exhibition.
Air conditioner for new energy bus 
Split type for small and middle bus, fully using original car accessories. We have models of air conditioners for different length of buses; we can recommend suitable models according to the length of your buses.
Through this exhibition, our company sincerely hope participants freely and extensively exchange ideas and meaningful discussion with domestic and foreign enterprises on the platform to enhance company reputation, construct a good atmosphere of mutual cooperation and deepen the mutual understanding in areas of business, technology, industry, performance and other aspects. 
With the most sincere passion and warm enthusiasm, welcome new and old customers’ consultation and discussion to visit our booth!